We help our clients adopt AI technologies, transforming business models and building capabilities. We deliver value through our AI suite of tooling, our expert services and our industry solutions.

Our Clients


We have experience working across many industry sectors. Read our case studies to understand how the Filament AI Suite & Services work together to drive ROI for our clients.

AI Expert Services

We help build & enhance the internal AI capability of our clients through education, consulting, and expert delivery skills.


The Strategy team bring thought-leadership and a pragmatic approach for building AI capability in enterprise. We shape strategy to monetise data & knowledge assets, providing technology appraisals & due diligence services.


Filament specialise in application design, build & machine learning to deliver scalable AI applications. Built on two decades of enterprise delivery experience, we are a trusted services partner with long-term client relationships.


Filament deliver a suite of educational programmes, helping our clients build skills across the enterprise: AI value for Business leaders; AI deployment for software teams; and applied methods for Data Science teams.

Our AI Solutions


Tools for businesses to build, train, integrate, manage and analyse all of their chatbots from a central hub.


Filament's solution for delivering bespoke AI-powered dashboards for data insights in finance.

Engine AI Tooling Suite

Our suite of tooling to train, deploy and scale your AI assets across your enterprise.


Data Manager

A robust set of tools to ingest, clean and annotate your data ready for model creation.


Model Creator

Train Machine Learning models using your data.



Publish your trained models into a central hub, allowing other users across the business to access and use them.



Integrate your Engine models, and any other models / third party services into workflows to enhance existing business processes.

Our Partners

Filament is a certified Google Cloud Partner and a recommended Google expert for Chatbot and Machine Learning applications, with our Data Engineering and Architecture capabilities. In partnership with Google, Filament is working with HSBC across four business units.

Filament is a global business partner of IBM, providing expert services in Watson technology.  We also have a strategic partnership with PowerAI, IBM’s infrastructure optimised for Deep Learning workloads.


Winner of the Essex Best KTP Associate Award – Antonio Campello

Best Associate goes to … Antonio Campello from Filament AI for his work leading the development of a prototype image annotation tool. Congratulations!

View the video here

Google Cloud Partnership

We are pleased to announce that we are an official certified Google Cloud Partner. We look forward to continuing to work closely with Google in our current and future projects.

Now Live! Filament EBM.

We’re very excited to announce the launch of Filament EBM – Our chatbot management system, built for enterprise. A big thank you to all our clients who have supported us along the way and given us invaluable insights as we have built the product.

Filament goes to the ACL conference, Melbourne, Australia

We are pleased to announce that our CTO, James Ravenscroft, was invited to exhibit a scientific paper at the Association of Computational Linguistics conference in July 2018. The research, led by James and co-authored by academics from University of Warwick and Aberystwyth University, was exhibited in the system demonstrations track at the ACL conference.
The paper discusses an open source framework designed to facilitate discovery of links between news articles and scientific papers. The tool uses NLP techniques to identify names of academics and research institutions in newspaper articles and suggests relevant scientific papers by querying citation networks provided by Microsoft, Scopus and Springer. James presented his findings at the annual conference.

We're ready for a challenge.

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