Filament is a software business specialising in building business applications powered by real-time data.

The team are experts in Software Product Development, Data Engineering, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning with experience of over 200 client deliveries in 6 years of operations.

The Filament Syfter platform is now the data curation platform behind many of the world’s leading private equity firms. Filament is now investing significantly in making Filament Syfter the dominant data integration platform for all Private Market clients world-wide.

Why choose Filament

Trusted by PE

5 years of building data infrastructure for the world’s leading PE firms, as a trusted technical partner

Technical Excellence

5 years of solving the toughest technical challenges of assimilating heterogeneous data, supported by 10 years of accumulated R&D in NLP

Powered by Syfter

The market-leading Private Company Data Integration platform built specifically for Private Equity.

Value for Money

All combined in a commercial proposition that beats any platform, consultancy or in-house approach

Slick Implementation

A well-drilled implementation approach, vastly expediting time-to-value

Always Evolving

The Syfter product team is aggressively building functionality to be the dominant technology backbone for Private Markets

“Filament Syfter is a category-defining Market Data Integration & Interrogation platform (MDI) allowing Private Markets firms to integrate every market data source to drive their business, streamline fund operations and operationalise their knowledge management.”

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Whether you are looking for support on a custom project, or looking to implement a solution on our Syfter technology, we can help

We have a world-class implementation team and are building a network of implementation partners including independent Filament Consulting, spun out of Filament Syfter in January 2023.

We also partner closely with former Filament Group business EBM, who provide conversational AI capability to the UK mid-market enterprise including B2C portfolio companies.