What we do


The Filament Strategy team are genuine thought-leaders in the field. We are differentiated by our practical experience of delivering AI centred projects for our clients.


The core capability, Filament brings two decades of enterprise application design & build. Design-led & agile, we delight our clients and retain strong relationships.


Filament have created a suite of educational programmes & resources to develop the in-house capability of our clients, launching them as an AI leader in their industry.

Strategic Consulting

Founded in 2016, our team of 30+ are drawn from IBM Watson, Google, Capgemini, top academia and a leading digital agency. We build long standing relationships with our enterprise clients, underpinning their AI centre of excellence with consulting, software and education. We help you with your AI thinking or we turn your data into your own, proprietary AI.

Custom Solutions

We have strong experience applying AI principles to a variety of client use cases and applications such as chatbots, discovery platforms and training custom ML models. We ensure our clients get tangible business benefit from AI solutions, and scale their AI assets across the enterprise.

chat_iconChat Solutions

The team at Filament have been delivering chatbot projects since 2014. That experience has yielded a methodology trusted by some of the biggest enterprises worldwide.

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dash_iconDash Solutions

Here at Filament we’ve developed a dedicated framework for incorporating Machine Learning models into dashboards.

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vision_iconComputer Vision

Filament specialises in delivering scalable, enterprise-level solutions built on the latest computer vision technology.

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custom_ml_iconAI Consultancy

At Filament we help our clients to make their existing workforces more effective by extracting hidden insights from organisations’ existing data and building bespoke Machine Learning models that work harmoniously alongside humans.

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