Filament are experts in chatbot delivery. We have delivered projects across the globe, working with clients on strategy through to implementation.

The team at Filament have been delivering chatbot projects since 2014. That experience has yielded a methodology trusted by some of the biggest enterprises worldwide. That methodology, both art and science, is now wrapped into our Chat Services and our Filament Enterprise Bot Manager Platform. The art is designing a Conversational UX that engages and delights the user. The science is the deployment rigour that scales and continuously improves your enterprise chatbot capability and the processes they are automating.

Chat Services

Running and maintaining a successful bot requires time and effort. It’s a new channel very much like the introduction of social media. At Filament, we understand that introducing new technology can be tricky and that getting the right team around you can be a challenge. Therefore, we offer a completely managed service. We will plan, build, test, launch and monitor a chatbot capability for you. Of course, this means working closely with your internal teams to get BAU processes in place, but going forward we will continuously review, report back on and improve the chatbots performance.

Strategic Consulting

We would like to ultimately see ourselves as external members of your team. Our hope is to become a trusted company that can help advise and upskill your company to become one that is leading in the AI Space and exchange the skills needed for you to create your own AI capability. We do this through multiple levels of AI education, from c-suite courses, through to business and developer level courses.

"At Filament, we are designing the next generation of chatbots. A revolution is coming - in the way chatbots are utilised beyond customer service and into all parts of business process automation".

Our Delivery Process


We work with our clients to establish a brief, then advise on which conversational UX / NLP platform to use and on where to deploy the chatbots. EBM comes with full technical documentation which includes an explanation on how it can fit into your existing IT infrastructure.

Conversation Experience

We create the conversational flows to achieve the chatbot’s primary purpose, including adding visual assets, buttons and info cards. We compose the content for the chatbot responses and work with you to layer on your brand personality and tone of voice.


We use Filament EBM to build chatbots in line with the approved conversation flows, intents, copy and technical documentation. EBM has a user friendly interface to support building complex conversational flows.


EBM has a built-in testing console. The accuracy of the responses given by the chatbot(s) can be fully tested and the content can be updated to ensure the user experience is as seamless and natural as possible.

Deployment & Support

Once the chatbot has been fully tested and approved, it can be deployed to the agreed environments or channels using the Filament EBM deployment manager. During the crucial post-launch phase, the chatbot is actively monitored to ensure any required tweaks can be actioned quickly.

Continuous Improvement

With your Filament EBM subscription, you are given access to detailed analytics and conversation logs. We can advise on how best to use this data to enable ongoing monitoring and how to optimise your chatbot(s) in real time.

Our Solutions

Our team of Natural Language Processing experts, conversational architects, project managers and interaction designers help our clients make chatbots that go beyond a gimmick.

If you need your bot to answer customer questions based on some prior knowledge (FAQ document, knowledge base, etc.), you don’t need to design conversation flows. Just upload a QA spreadsheet and the bot is ready to answer questions.

SearchBot allows our clients to upload and analyse documents in a conversational way, using the power of NLP. The service improves with feedback, is ready to run on-premise and works with any document structure, in multiple languages.

The First Chatbot Management System Built For Enterprise. Filament EBM sits on top of existing NLU platforms to offer greater control, flexibility and process for enterprise businesses.

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