Applied Machine Learning Specialist


The Applied ML Specialist role sits within Filament’s Applied AI team and will be based out of London or Southampton (or spend time at both). The candidate will play a crucial role in using and inventing cutting edge machine learning techniques to solve real world client problems using real world datasets. You’ll work with a highly skilled team of Machine Learning specialists with ample opportunity to collaborate with other teams across the company. You’ll help Filament to stay at the forefront of AI technology so that we can provide industry-leading consultancy to our clients and partners.

Location: London / Southampton
Expected Start Date: ASAP
Salary Range: £30k-55k depending on experience and relevant qualifications


  • Either a software engineering or an applied maths background
  • Experience with statistical modelling and/or deep learning
  • Experience with Python programming language
  • Experience working with Python data manipulation libraries like numpy, pandas, scipy
  • Experience working with Python machine learning libraries like scikit-learn, Tensorflow, Keras, PyTorch etc.
  • Attention to detail when evaluating and testing models
  • Good communication and teamwork skills
  • Organisation skills and ability to manage your own workload


  • A deeper understanding of domain-specific problems within one or more of the following:
    • natural language processing
    • computer vision
    • time series prediction
  • Experience developing REST APIs with Flask or Django in Python and deploying machine learning models at scale using frameworks like Tensorflow Serving, Amazon SageMaker, Google ML Services.
  • Experience with version control such as Git
  • The ability to read and understand scientific papers and reproduce findings where appropriate, sharing findings with the rest of the team


At, we enable organisations to apply artificial intelligence to their core area of expertise. We help businesses and other institutions to embed the skills of their teams into machine learning models, so that they can spend less time on repetitive tasks and focus on doing what they do best. We’re approved partners of Google, IBM and Microsoft, and have worked with HSBC, American Express, NBCUniversal, Sealife, McDonalds, T Mobile and a number of private equity and hedge funds. Check out our case studies to see some examples.

Our offering includes a range of products and solutions:

  • Our consultancy practice deals with strategic planning and internal education, particularly for C-suite clients looking to build AI capability into their group
  • Our solutions agency builds AI technology as well as the applications that use it, like conversational interfaces and dashboards
  • Our SaaS chatbot tooling platform, EBM, acts as a hub and management suite for enterprise grade chatbots that can easily integrate with a range of machine learning capabilities in order to build incredible conversational experiences.


This role offers a great opportunity to join a company with a unique value proposition in the AI industry. has 3 offices globally – London, Southampton and Toronto – and our team is expanding rapidly. We put a lot of faith in our people, treat them really well and have a lot of fun together.

At the same time, we believe that our approach to AI will make us a global leader in enterprise grade AI technology.

We love working with each other, and we’re confident we’re building something huge.


Send an email to with the role title in the subject line and a CV / resumé attached, and we’ll reach out if we’d like to chat more.