At Filament, we work on a wide variety of projects to extract unrealised value from organisations’ existing data and to optimise business processes with AI. From detecting anomalies in IP traffic using time series analysis techniques to delivering natural language processing and machine learning capability for our clients, Filament has a wealth of experience in bottling human expertise into reusable scalable ML models and systems.

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Step 1: Initial Consultation

Identify multiple use cases within your organisation where AI and ML can add significant value.


Step 2: Data Studies

Provide fast and cost-effective feasibility studies and proof-of-concepts for each of your use cases.


Step 3: Implementation

Implement the best performing AI solutions into your organisation, scaling your capabilities.

Derive insight from all of your data using AI - in words, images and numbers, with Filament AI


Natural Language Processing is the practice of automatically processing and understanding human-readable languages with a machine.

Filament’s NLP team includes ex-IBM Watson, ex-Google NLP and ex-Amazon experts and draws upon state-of-the-art knowledge emerging from academia with expertise and experience using bleeding edge techniques and technologies such as deep neural networks and topic modelling. By leveraging these approaches, we are able to automatically derive meaning from documents and carry out a variety of tasks. These tasks include detecting emotional content, extracting pertinent keywords and useful information such as names, places and key dates. Additionally, we can automatically sort and cluster documents by evaluating their semantic similarity.


Computer vision describes the family of technologies used to help computers to automatically interpret and derive insight from images and photographs.

The Computer Vision team at Filament have strong credentials in the development and use of image processing and machine learning techniques in order to carry out tasks such as object detection and tracking as well as image sorting and classification. Our Knowledge Transfer Partnership with the University of Essex furnishes the team with world-class support and guidance from leading academics in the computer vision domain. Our team make use of Convolutional/Deep Learning approaches as well as more traditional image processing techniques in order to build models that best fit our clients’ needs.


Structured Data is information that has already been organised, for instance into a spreadsheet.

Our data science team are able to build models that work directly with numerical data. From modelling and predicting forecast financial growth to predicting when an industrial component might fail in dangerous/inaccessible environments. Some of the most powerful systems that we’ve worked on have been those that combine different types of data together. For example, how does a company share price perform when you take into account stock market transactions and sentiment towards the company on social media?

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