Introducing Filament EBM

Integrate with your existing APIs and 3rd party providers to drive process automation through conversational interfaces.


Build, train and manage all of your chatbots in a central hub

Enterprise Ready

Built to scale with high-level security on premise or in the cloud

Multi-Bot Solution

Create numerous chatbot solutions for different brands or use cases that all share learnings

Some of our chatbot clients

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Built For Enterprise

We understand that large enterprises encounter numerous barriers when launching new initiatives. Filament EBM has been tailor-made to assist you in overcoming these barriers and creating a suite of conversational interfaces that provide real business value. Filament EBM is designed to be supported by your internal IT teams and can be made compliant with your data governance and protection guidelines. It has already been deployed in-house at major banks and pharmaceutical companies.

Leverage Content

Manage content, tweak responses and retrain bot on new phrases. Easily flag keywords or phrases and set specific actions when they are used.

Work Collaboratively

Range of user permissions and workflows to manage multiple teams collaborating on creating and improving chatbots

Advanced Analytics

Pinpoint and track high impact content areas to drive business objectives and user satisfaction

Test Impact

Test and measure the effectiveness of chatbot content updates before deploying at scale


Integrations with variety of front end channels and back end platforms to control end-to-end customer chatbot journey

UX Improvements

Intuitive, guided user journey tools to help design conversation flows and logic. Easily manage where users connect with live agents.

Enterprise Ready

Maintain ownership of IP and data, and control what data is sent to cloud or third-party NLUs

Coming Soon - ML Improvements

Leverage AI-powered automatic training features to reduce employee hours required on manual training

Great chatbots require great design. We offer consultancy and delivery services to complement and customize our EBM product. Get in touch to learn more


How EBM helps different functions

Customer Service

Automate responses to FAQs & improve response times

Lead Generation

Automate your sales enquiries and increase upselling

Marketing Engagement

Message the right customer segments at the right time


Onboarding, updating details, purchasing and answering

Knowledge Management

Enable your employees to access your internal knowledge pool


Use AI to make recommendations and surface the most relevant results in chat

Get in touch to discuss how EBM canscale your chatbot programme.