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Introducing Filament EBM

Filament EBM is designed for organisations with multiple brands, use cases or high volume scenarios. Our platform lets you build, train and manage all of your chatbots from a central hub, providing a global chatbot management layer that facilitates shared management, insight and learnings within your chatbot ecosystem. Filament EBM also provides the extra layer of security, control and the flexibility demanded by regulated enterprise businesses.


Build, train and manage all of your chatbots in a central hub

Enterprise Ready

Built to scale with high-level security on premise or in the cloud

Multi-Bot Solution

Create numerous chatbot solutions for different brands or use cases that all share learnings

How it all fits together

Filament Enterprise Bot Manager Diagram

Customer Service

Automate responses to FAQs & improve response times

Lead Generation

Automate your sales enquiries and increase upselling

Marketing Engagement

Message the right customer segments at the right time


Onboarding, updating details, purchasing and answering

Knowledge Management

Enable your employees to access your internal knowledge pool


Use AI to make recommendations and surface the most relevant results in chat

Operationalise Your Chatbot Program

Filament EBM is an end-to-end solution full of sophisticated features, designed to help you operationalise your chatbot program into business as usual. It provides tools that help you introduce the rigour, processes and governance required to move beyond a proof of concept and successfully productionize conversational interfaces within your organisation.

Domain & Intent Management

Improved intent management through the use of shareable conversational flows and custom domains of knowledge.

Chatbot & Live Agent Handover

Build superior user experiences by transferring conversations to live agents, on common platforms such as LiveEngage, or handover conversations to other chatbots within your ecosystem.

Greater Data Control

Mask personal information before sending data outside of your firewalls and apply strict data retention policies and monitoring.

Chatbot Analytics

Measure the performance of your chatbots and ROI through real-time analytic dashboards

Teams and Roles

Provide different views and permissions for the different teams and roles within your chatbot programme, such as Bot Managers, content creators and BotOps.

Deployment and Versioning

Introduces a versioned deployment process that allows you to easily test changes and deploy to different environments, in a controlled, audited way.

Built For Enterprise

We understand that large enterprises encounter numerous barriers when launching new initiatives. Filament EBM has been tailor-made to assist you in overcoming these barriers and creating a suite of conversational interfaces that provide real business value. Filament EBM is designed to be supported by your internal IT teams and can be made compliant with your data governance and protection guidelines. It has already been deployed in-house at major banks and pharmaceutical companies.


Have complete faith that your data is protected. EBM is built to be compliant with complex internal security standards.


EBM's auto-scaling feature uses Kubernetes to scale to meet increased demand at peak times and your future growth needs.

Retain Your IP

Training your bot develops a customised solution and creates a personalised tone of voice. Capture and reuse this valuable IP.

Multi-bots For Multiple Channels

Create and deploy multiple chatbots, as required, across multiple channels and platforms.

GDPR Ready

Personal data is stored securely and is strictly compliant with the latest GDPR legislation.


Our systems are regularly and rigorously tested to ensure maximum uptime for our application.

Sensitive Data Protection

EBM provides a data layer between the communication channel and DialogFlow, allowing appropriate data protection measures to be put in place, securing sensitive data.

Expert Services

Our dedicated EBM support team will be on hand to provide guidance and strategic consultancy. Custom-built chatbots can also be developed by our solutions team.

Built For Collaboration

Multiple users can have access to make updates to your bots, from anywhere around the world. User permissions allow you to control who can access different parts of the product.

EBM has been built with flexibility at its core. It can be extended with custom modules to solve your business goals and challenges. Our experts can work hand in hand with your internal teams to design the platform for your needs.

We're ready for a challenge.

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