We are creating products that use AI to solve business problems. All our products are built to solve the recurring challenges we've encountered in our consultancy work with our clients.

The Enterprise Chatbot CMS.
A platform that gives you the tools and operating model required to effectively manage, monitor and scale chatbot programs, supported by a passionate team of conversational AI specialists to help you get the most out of this technology.

EBM Integrates with Google Dialogflow, IBM Watson Assistant, Microsoft Luis and RASA

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Syfter uses Artificial Intelligence to help you discover and monitor content of interest through signals in the news.

This could be finding a target company for deal origination, identifying the next hot topic within an industry, or sourcing a new B2B sales opportunity. In all cases, Syfter facilitates the daily monitoring of all your companies of interest, providing vital intel to differentiate your pipeline management.

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We're ready for a challenge.

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