The data warehouse for Private Markets.

A suite of software predominantly used by Private Equity clients that has been built for analysts, researchers and sales teams who are looking to improve the efficacy and efficiency of their sector research, business intelligence gathering and lead generation.

Comprised of a number of technologies, it helps solves the challenges around monitoring private companies at scale. It also includes a number of powerful NLP models that solve many of the problems of disambiguating company news and more accurately matching companies to 3rd party sources.

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Conversational AI software for customer and employee experiences.

The Enterprise Bot Manager (EBM) gives organisations the tools required to effectively manage, monitor and scale conversational AI programs – automating conversations and automating business processes with chatbots. EBM is supported by a passionate team of conversational AI specialists to help you get the most out of this technology. We work with many clients, big and small to bring this brilliant technology to our clients, from banks (HSBC) to charities (Versus Arthritis). Get in touch to find out why we are the conversational AI consultancy of choice for many organisations.

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