Introducing SYFTER

AI-powered SYFTER empowers analysts and researchers to synthesise weak signals from their market with untapped knowledge resources from inside your organisation. Powered by Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing, SYFTER gives a 360 view of companies and tools that allow you to detect unique signals of interest across company financials, taxonomies and news sources.

We work with our clients to train unique algorithms to surface the signals and information that's important to them. These algorithms are fully owned by each company - we understand there is no one-size-fits-all in this sector.

Machine learning at its core

We use Machine learning to gain greater insight from both structured and unstructured company data.

Advanced company data ingestion and monitoring

Ingest, index and query data from leading financial and news data providers, or internal sources at scale using our ElasticSearch based data ingestion engine.

Fit seemlessly into your as is processes

Get the right view of data to the right people at the right time, whilst also embedding outputs and insights to your existing workflows and CRM platforms

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Key Components

Website Ingestion

Automatically monitors company websites in near real-time to ingest news, blogs and useful company and brand information, such as addresses and descriptions.

Trading name detection

Using machine learning and rule-based models on companies website content, we can predict and match potential trading names for each company, allowing better matching with third-party news sources and reports.

Name to domain prediction

Using tools such as Google places and search engines, we can automatically predict company’s website domains from their addresses or trading names.

Sector and Subsector classification

Using content extracted from company websites, our platform allows you to train machine learning models to classify companies into your unique sector and subsector taxonomies.

News signal and sentiment monitoring

Train machine learning models to detect news signals relevant to your unique thesis or use case.

Similar companies

Using the data insights from your machine learning models, our platform provides informed similar company searching.

Financial Data

Put years of financial data at your analysts’ fingertips, allowing faster insight and streamlining the evaluation process.

Advanced searching and filtering

Conveniently refine companies based on a large number of complex search filters, including historical financial and growth data, sectors and subsectors, news signals, web traffic, and M&A history

Shared channels and collections

Create collaborative lists of companies, updated in real-time, based on advanced pre-determined search filters, providing you with a personalised view to monitor specific subsections of data.

Example Data Sources

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