The core capability, Filament brings two decades of enterprise application Design, Build and Deployment. Design-led & agile, we build strong, long lasting relationships with our clients as we create solutions with them.



The Filament Strategy team are thought-leaders in the field of Applied AI. We are differentiated by our practical experience of delivering AI centred projects for our clients.



Filament have created a suite of educational programmes & resources to develop the in-house capability of our clients, launching them as an AI leader in their industry.

We have experience working across many industry sectors. Read our case studies to understand how the Filament Technology & Services work together to drive ROI for our clients.


Chatbots Specialists

The team here at Filament have been delivering chatbot projects since 2014. This experience has yielded a methodology trusted by large enterprises worldwide, including one of the world’s largest banks. We also have our own dedicated Chatbot Platform for enterprise.


AI Powered Dashboards

At Filament, we have developed a dedicated framework for incorporating Machine Learning models into data dashboards to enable your teams to extract actionable insight and work more efficiently. We call this solution our Analyst Dash .


Custom Machine Learning Projects

At Filament, we help many of our clients with data studies and custom machine learning projects to extract unrealised value from organisations’ existing data and to optimise business processes with AI. From detecting emotions in chat messages to assessing drone imaging for damage in industrial equipment, Filament has a wealth of experience in bottling human expertise into reusable scalable ML models and systems. When we can, we use Filament’s AI Suite to deploy the models into business processes.


Computer Vision Expertise

Filament specialises in delivering scalable, enterprise-level solutions built on the latest computer vision technology. We have built a strong partnership with IBM PowerAI and established a sophisticated development process.

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We’re building technologies to apply AI in business. They have been born out of (and validated by) the challenges we are encountering when producing AI solutions that deliver at scale.


The Filament AI Hub is our platform for productionising data science. Import models, integrate them into business applications and put them to work at scale – in the cloud or on-premise.


Turn your text data into intelligence with Filament’s Author NLP – A suite of tools that enable users to upload and organise data, annotation tools to enrich the data and create models using the enriched training data – all in one easy to use web interface.


Filament’s Enterprise Bot Manager (EBM) platform lets you build, train and manage all of your chatbots from a central hub, providing a global chatbot management layer that facilitates shared management, insight and learnings within your chatbot ecosystem.

We're ready for a challenge.

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